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Software Testing and Quality Assurance

I enjoy breaking software. I also enjoy writing software that breaks software. However, my favorite thing is teaching others how to become better software test engineers.

I've compiled a list of tutorials on automated software testing tools and quality assurance techniques below. Check back often for new test automation tutorials and please reach out on Twitter if you have questions or have topic requests.

You'll notice a lot of content on Nightwatch.js which is my preferred browser automation framework. It's written in Node.js on top of Selenium, but has functionality that makes your tests more reliable out of the box.

Software Testing Articles and Tutorials

Adding Custom Commands to Nightwatch TypeScript Projects

April 21, 2023

Learn how to extend Nightwatch's built-in automation commands with your own when working inside a TypeScript Nightwatch test project in this post.

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Testing Software using Decision Tables

October 30, 2022

Decision tables are software testing tools used to ensure one fully captures the expected behaviors of features involving complex business rules. Once created, decision tables provide valuable documentation of the software's desired behavior that one can directly use to create their test cases with. Learn how to create and use decision tables for testing your next Agile story in this article.

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🔗 Nightwatch adds Visual Studio Code integration and Accessibility testing

October 4, 2022

Nightwatch.js recently added Visual Studio code integration so you can debug your selenium tests. In addition, they've included my nightwatch-axe-verbose plugin for accessibility testing as a default plugin now which I talk about at 11:35


Selenium in Java

Selenium Webdriver is a workhorse. Java is not my favorite language, but sometimes it is easier on your team to understand and help with testing if you write your tests in the same language the software being tested in written in.

The tutorial below will show you how to write reliable and refactorable tests in Selenium by using dynamic waits and the page object model. © 2023