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How I turned into a Lockdown meme

April 19, 2020

Shared pandemic experiences unite us all

We've all been going through the COVID-19 pandemic together and I consider myself fortunate counting my blessings that I've made through with just inconvenience so far.

We all get through it in our unique way, but at least in my friend circle we heavily rely on the power of dark humor and Tiger King.

So over these past weeks we've been in lockdown, trying to flatten the curve, we've all been sharing what I thought were our own unique updates on how we've been getting by until my mind was blown by the starter pack meme my friend Bryan posted.

Lockdown starter pack

Apparently I just filled the bingo card.

My experience is not as unique as I thought so let's step through these for a laugh.

Everyone Baking (Banana and Sourdough bread)

When everyone was panic buying in the first weeks I thought I was super clever breaking out my old sourdough recipe I learned on Good Eats, but I guess so did everyone else 😉


Sourdough recipe, Alton Brown is my hero

Oh, and since I have been using Instacart for produce I tend to have too many or not enough bananas at the end of the week. This was a surplus week and I couldn't freeze anymore for smoothies so I thought I'd try banana bread, but so did everyone else.

Banana bread

I found the recipe for this one on AllRecipes. Came out pretty good as you can see.

Banana bread

Also, for some reason you can't order Costco bagels through Instacart so I tried baking homemade bagels while under #stayAtHome. I went with this New York Style bagel recipe and it came out good even mixing leftover white and wheat all purpose flour instead of bread flour. The family helped me film the process while my hands were covered in dough.

Tiger King

Wow Netflix thanks for this distraction from reality and giving us something else to talk about.

My favorite part how this is literally everyone's mental progression through the series.

Carole Baskin

Also, thank you Snap Cam for making video calls so professional. I'm sure they are stealing all our data, but it is a small price to pay...

I'm the tiger king

Exotic Travel

Here I am in my last trip to Costco just before things got really crazy and you could still find things.


This would be a totally different situation if Instacart hadn't developed their business model when they did. Seriously. These workers don't get enough credit.

So Many Gardening Pictures

Apparently pineapple season and lockdown season coincide this year. Not driving to work sure gives me more time to keep the garden tidied.

Pineapple time

Drinking All the Time

All I'm saying is that the Parent Teacher Org Moms and Dad's seem to be posting the same themed pictures and we had a serious discussion on if grapes count as raisins and what sort of pairing would work with breakfast cereal.

Breakfast wine pairing

Botched Haircuts

This one is pretty funny. It is like all of us hit the same amount of weeks out where we couldn't handle it anymore and had the same herd thought to try out the buzzers to see how bad it could possibly be. I went from seeing no posts about haircuts to entire reddit forums for bad pandemic haircuts.


Runners Everywhere

It's great seeing more people out exercising to keep busy. Funny enough I was all about running 5k and 10k races (which are now all canceled) before the pandemic and have found myself running less and staying inside doing free weights and indoor cycling instead.

What Sleep Schedule



So let's stay safe, listen to doctor's advice, watch out for scammers (looking at you essential oils), and not forget the power of humor to get us through.

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