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Nooie aurora smart light review

January 27, 2020

The nooie aurora smart LED bulbs come in a 4 pack for around $56 dollars on Amazon which works out to $14 dollars per bulb. A similar bulb from Philips Hue would cost several times more and require a hub.

The nooie bulbs can be controlled directly with the nooie app or through Amazon Alexa so they could be considered a good value for people wanting to add dimmable and color controlled smart lighting without a hub or replacing light switches.

nooie LB126 LED specifications

  • 800 lumens
  • 2800-6000 K light range
  • 10 watts per bulb
  • E26 base
  • Dimmable in app or Alexa
  • Voice control (Alexa)
  • Scheduling
  • 2.4ghz b/g/n Wi-Fi required
  • No hub needed
  • UL-listed

Pairing process

To use the nooie smart LED bulbs you need to pair them with your smart home's Wi-Fi connection. You start the pairing process by downloading the nooie home app from the App Store. Through a series of on-off switches the bulb will enter pairing mode. From there you follow the nooie home apps instructions to pair your phone and light and then save your Wi-Fi network credentials to the light.

Make sure your phone is at least temporarily on the same network as the bulb during pairing

I have a separate Wi-Fi network for my IoT devices to keep them segmented off from the rest of my devices and it wasn't finding the bulb until I switched my phone over to the same network.

Once the bulb is paired you have access to the dimming, color selection, and scheduling features in the nooie home app.

Alexa pairing for voice control

Alexa pairing was much easier. In the Alexa app, look for the nooie home skill and enable that with your nooie account credentials. After, run Discover Devices and Alexa will find your smart bulb.

When that is done you can issue Alexa voice commands to the name of your bulb for on and off, dimming, and color changes.

Overall impressions

The light is very bright so a good value there. The white balance adjustments offer a good range. Picking colors in the color wheel didn't seem like the most accurate representation of the colors I was going for, but for a pleasing effect you can find lots of great colors to choose from. Alexa integration hasn't had any issues. It is easy to control the nooie smart bulbs with voice commands and is my preferred use case.

It would make a good value for someone wanting inexpensive dimmable and/or color changing bulbs for a lamp and didn't want the added expense of a hub.

Learn more about the nooie aurora smart LED bulbs on amazon.

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