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Review and installation of TP-Link KL430 smart light strip

January 13, 2020

My office is way too dark and some recently added cabinets didn't help. I wanted to add strip lighting under the cabinets or behind the TV, but I didn't want to deal with a physical switch and a lot of the strip lights tend to be of dubious quality which left me procrastinating the decision.

In December TP-Link released the KL430 smart light strip. I have been happy with their HS200 switches and smart plugs along with their Kasa app so I stopped debating and purchased it immediately to go behind the TV in the office.

I found the strip itself to be a bit shorter than I'd hoped. It didn't wrap the entire perimeter of a 42" TV (settled on left, bottom, and right sides). However, the light itself is extremely bright, the color representation is good, and the lighting effects are cool.


Kasa updates (as of 5/15/2020)

TP Link has been regularly updating their control app which recently added the ability to modify the lighting effects it comes with to control color, speed, and timing. No gentle wakeup or sunrise or sunset effects have been added.

Unboxing, setup, and review

See my unboxing and installation experience with the TP-Link KL430 light strip below. The video covers the features and how to connect the Kasa app to Alexa for control in your smart home.

If you are interested in buying one consider purchasing through my affiliate link to help out my site.

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